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Superman - Krypton.  This looks pretty epic!

Superman Pencils = Mike Turner Inks = Jeremy Freeman Colors by Sean Ellery

Batman & Superman by Michael Turner

I am a very huge fan of Michael Turner. For years, I idolized his work, . Superman/Batman Michael Turner by RasiumLane

eat-more-geek:  astonishingx:  X-Men by Michael Turner  #WhiteQueenWednesday

PLEASE READ As a comicbook reader I am appalled at the way is treating the X-Men. Because they dont own the cinematic rights Marvel is basically writing them out the comicbooks or in some cases even rewriting their history like they did with the S

Justice League by Michael Turner

No R.I.P. For Superheros: How Funerals Are Handled In Comic Books

Instead of posting a journal entry for everyone to read, which seems to be the standard, I wanted to do something different, maybe start a new tradition. In Remembrance of Mike Turner

Superman Prime

Top ten strongest dc superheroes of the DC universe. Superman is on the list in his most powerful incarnation - Superman Prime.

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Superman/Wonder Woman - “Fire Line” written by Peter J. Tomasi art by Jorge Jimenez & Alejandro Sanchez