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How-to make your own runes using sculpey clay, I made my set for about $5 in materials, and it took me a little over an hour. Here's how you can do it, too:   (more tips on different materials and consecrations here: http://www.therunesite.com/making-your-own-rune-set/)

Theese are NOT viking runes. They are an older Rune alphabet, from around year 500 and earlier. They are called the elder futhark. The viking Rune alphabets have usually only 16 runes and there are several different alphabets from that time.

Belleza Capilar by. Christian Diaz CONOCENOS!!! www.bellezacapilar.com.ar

Hairstylists are so much more than just people, they are ‘shear’ stars! ~ oooohhh we can do this with our fabric sheers!

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We LOVE Oliver Finley cosmetology student, Paige's new tattoo! When you love something so much you want the whole world to know? That's an amazing thing. We dig it.

If life works out the way i plan for it to this will be a huge must! ♡

I definitely want some cheetah print on me somewhere, and tattoos relating to beauty.So this is perfect for me! Definitely helps me with Ideas for my own "beauty" tatt.