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I have too many flaws to be perfect. But I have too many blessings to be ungrateful. I think too many people forget this. Don't be ungrateful for our blessings and such! God is with us always always!

Affirmations for Self Employed Women  #ecoacherin #coacherinsaffirmations http://www.ecoacherin.com/insights

My mind now focuses on positive thoughts Affirmations for Women Entrepreneurs from Business Coach Erin Garcia

replace worry with thoughts of hope, faith and victory #healthy #strong

Replace worry with thoughts of hope, faith, and victory. that a work in progress

Self care

10 Steps to Self Care :-) Especially Don't Be a People pleaser. They don't even care!

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Today I ask for guidance, clear thinking and understanding of what it is that I need in my now to create the future I desire

I love everything I love me I love you I love the universe

What is the Law Of Attraction and how can you use it in your life? Lear how to use the Law of Attraction to improve your finances, relationships and health.