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Free Daily calendar notebook- This is wonderful math practice for first graders and could allow a homeschooling mama some time to get a little housework or breakfast prep done in the morning :)

Bump numbers up to be  grade level appropriate...good early morning /breakfast or waiting on the bus activity...add in other Math Meeting skills

This would be good to put in a journal also or add to calendar time on the smartboard! Number anchor chart- possibly make as signs with dry erase option- laminate. Good for beginning of the year because its easier

Mega Math Practice 1.OA.4

First Grade Math Properties of Operations Mega Practice 1.OA.4

Lots of great sites...some week by week with daily work...super post! A HUGE time saver!

Fabulous Fourth Grade: Favorite Sites-has a link to grade weekly math essentials. Maybe for Morning Mania?

Maybe because it’s the beginning of the year, and it’s so important to establish routines with a new class, but I seem to be fixated on developing daily routines for building number sense (check out this related post). Which is probably why I grabbed Number Sense Routines off the shelf before leaving school yesterday.  Such an amazing …

The Ten Wand

Math Coach's Corner: kindergarten I'm Loving the Number Sense Routines book right now! good site for math help.

FOUNDATION YEAR: Answer yes/no questions to collect information (ACMSP011) -Australian Curriculum    Easy way to do daily graph- clothespins clipped on numbered yes/no    /ashley/ Walters Diffenderfer

Quick and Easy Surveys

Easy way to do daily graph- clothespins clipped on numbered yes/no. Daily graph in calendar area? On math pegboard?

Math Tubs in Kindergarten: MORE Printing numbers

*Could also do this for bigger numbers too! Matching ten frames to numbers - this is a great exercise since this is a main focus now in common core standards for math in preK & K.

math...this link doesn't take you to this particular resource, but I have these addition facts cards and I see they used Legos or some other block combinations to make a hands on learning activity...cool.

Unifix cubes are a concrete representation of addition/number bonds. Building the bond with the Unifix cubes is what develops number sense. Great use for flash cards instead of looking for just memorization

Calendar journal page

These printables are a great addition to your morning calendar routine!Most of the time teachers are doing all the thinking and work during calendar. Also a great way to integrate reading and writing strategies while teaching other subjects.