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Terrarium Rings Brings Domes of Horror to Your Fingers

Halloween ring Pumpkin & black cat - adjustable Terrarium ring From HoKiou on Etsy

HoKiou's tiny marvels under glass!

Straight from Paris, HoKiou's tiny marvels under glass! Spring Terrarium Ring Birds on a wire - adjustable ring

The artisan known simply as HoKiou crafts tiny orbs that contain fantastical scenes. Beneath the circular glass terrariums are a myriad of subjects, including solitary houses surrounded in picturesque rainbows, spooky bats circling a haunted house, and tranquil snowfall across a wintry scene. These small landscapes are affixed to rings and metal necklace chains, adding a bit of whimsy and mystery to your everyday attire. To produce these pieces, HoKiou sculpts them in colored polymer clay…

Terrarium Jewelry Containing Fantastical Scenes Adds Playful Mystery to Everyday Attire

HoKiou’s DomeParis based artist known as HoKiou crafts beautiful terrarium-style jewelry, her enchanting creations incorporating miniature elements embedded inside the tiny glass jars.[[MORE]] Whether you are heading out for a party or to just hang.

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Copper and Dipped Seafoam Enamel Arrow Ring by Miju and You.Love this :)

Crown Heirloom Ring Set Silver - Back

buxombibliophile: “ barbarawire: “ neonelephant: “ Wedding rings by UNEARTHEN @ BONADRAG ” Such an awesome idea.

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