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Crowley (King of Hell)

Crowley (King of Hell)

Bizarre Queen

Bizarre Queen King of Hell ❤

Day 11: I can't think of my favorite character intro so here are some Crowley quotes

Crowley has some of the best lines - Supernatural


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It's good to be the king 9x11 First Born #Supernatural #SPN9

Ever since one of the gag reel moments from every time I read Crowley, in my head it sounds like "Crowey.

Crowley | Supernatural

supernatural- mark a sheppard

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The Marks

Mark Pellegrino Mark Sheppard - Lucifer and Crowley

Dean's Face XD

"Road Trip" Dean's face :D


Crowley, Season Nine

Crowley Motivational by raefalcon on DeviantArt

Ah, Crowley, how I love you. Just a quick motivational before I make a proper wallpaper for this character. All belongs to Supernatural and Kripke.

I SWEAR if they kill off Crowley I will write a very strongly worded fan letter lol:

"The only reason Crowley has made it to season 8 is because he's the only being that has never underestimated the Winchesters" -- Supernatural XD "Denim-wrapped nightmares"

Crowley ~ Supernatural Fan Art

Crowley - Supernatural (requested by kripkelover) Other gifsets: [Castiel] [Dean Winchester] [Sam Winchester] [Kevin Tran] [Gabriel] [Abaddon] [Charlie Bradbury] [Balthazar] [Destiel]

Crowley & Mark Sheppard

we are the crossroads, my little outlaw

I'm WAY more of a Daphne! ~ Crowley ... LOL #Supernatural 11x02 Form and Void #Crowley #Dean

Yes Crowley, because that was the point Dean was trying to make.

Crowley #CONjureFlorida

Mark Sheppard the lover. Crowley the fighter.