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Houbigant Ad Campaign Chantilly - I feel very Chantilly today - love it

Kim Alexis, Chantilly perfume ad from

From Mademoiselle, November 1965

Found in Mom& Basement: Vintage Cosmetics/Perfume/Toiletries .

Ron Lynch for Seventeen magazine, June 1985.

Ron Lynch for Seventeen magazine, June

Revlon. 80’s.

Models Renee Simonsen,Carol Alt & Joan Severance from a Revlon Ad

Ron Lynch for Seventeen magazine, January 1984.

Ron Lynch for Seventeen magazine, January // THEE Bob

i´m blushing!!! Where does Blush/Rouge comes from?A brief history!

1977 Vintage ad for Nature's Blush Your Face by Coty Changed color with your skin tone.

MAYBELLINE KISSING POTION These colorless, slightly tacky rollerball glosses gave all middle schoolers the hope that they'd meet their prince (or at least get picked for seven minutes in heaven). The flavors were sweet and sugary, and bubble gum was definitely the most coveted variety

21 Beauty Products That Every '80s Kid Remembers

21 Beauty Products That Every Kid Remembers

1980's Molly Ringwald - pretty in pink -

Molly Ringwald Photos in Tempest

This is literally so adorable

Trying to be serious Victorian Couple

Chantilly perfume Houbigant

Chantilly lace perfume really reminds me of our grandma!


Maybelline Shine and Shape Pot Gloss, Seventeen Magazine, September 1982

Quiet Touch by Clairol 1975. My sister and I used this in grade 7 and 8. I have pictures to prove it.

Quiet Touch Hairpainting by Clairol (November This seemed like a wise choice after my debacle with Sun In! Of course, I had to let my brunette-turned-orange hair grow out and get cut off first.

Farrah    From Seventeen, December 1978

Yep, my sisters and I used this shampoo :) Farrah Fawcett ad. The shampoo was sold thru until the


Top Models of the World: Cheri La Rocque

The gorgeous Angela Howard...again...she was EVERYWHERE...

Light pink lipstick with olive complexion and thin lips, not a good look!

Cutex Lipstick, 1963 Jean Shrimpton

1963 ad for Cutex lipstick 1963 ad for Cutex lipstick