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From the archives of the Timelords and doctorwhoproblems


I am the Attendant. I'm currently My most notable item is my neon green fleece jacket. My current companion is a guy named Aaron. Using my favorite phrase since I don't have a favorite word, my catchphrase is Crud Monkeys.

Very few will get this.

"But I would walk five hundred miles, and I would walk five hundred more. Just to be the man who walked a thousand miles, to fall down at your door." - "I'm Gonna Be Miles)" by The Proclaimers

Vincent and the Doctor

Vincent and the Doctor I think this episode is in my top 5 favorite doctor who episodes of all time.I adore this episode

"I'm a time traveler, it would be unfair for me to take bets."  "Ten Quid?"  "Yea all right."

"I wanted to hear her say, 'We are not amused.' Bet you five quid I can get her to say it." "Taking that bet would be an abuse of my responsibilities as a traveller in time.

LOL  Another love story unfolds!

Any man who can't wait two thousand years for you is un-dateable.>> and people who doesn't get the Doctor who quote


"Ever realized that the Master's drum beat is the beat in the title song?" :O Nope

Bahahah! Dr. Who

moisturize me. (bahahaha so awesome) // Doctor Who