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I love how Motormaster outright threatens Wildrider, who immediately falls in line out of fear (panel 5 is gold), but he has to gently - well, as gentle as MM can possibly be - cajole Dead End into activity, as threats mean nothing to him. ("Meh. Go ahead and rip my arms off." ) Perfect characterization, as per their original G1 bios. I love how the fans write better stuff than what the IDW writers are currently doing.  Oh, and "Yellowpages!"
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Never stood a chance by BrokenDeathAngel on DeviantArt<<<I remember this issue of Combiner wars I loved Prowls quote. "People will always fail you, Optimus. ALWAYS. Heart doesn't win battles. Feeling don't win wars. Calling them friends or pawns changes nothing, they are failing us, RIGHT NOW!" Somebody needs to say this to twilight sparkle
Transformers News: IDW The Transformers #53 Review
Mental Conflict by twotenjack11 on deviantART - Pharma is such an interesting character to me. I need more fanart of his downward spiral from a good medic to a backstabbing survivalist.
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