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Different nose piercings

18 Different Types of Piercings You Should Know About by Fashion.Ekstrax ala, high nostril, septum (: one down 2 to go

Cool piercing Ideas For Girls (20)

40 Cool Piercing Ideas For Girls

VAUGHN BODY ARTS - Brittney’s nape piercing (four months old in this. The proper way to get a surface piercing

This is cute

Love the horizontal navel piercing! Think I'll be doing this when I go to get my traditional navel piercing re-done!

Facial Double Dermal Piercing Sideburn

If you're looking for the best body piercings in Raleigh NC, take a look through Mark's piercing portfolio and call Warlock's Tattoo at

Why? Just why?  Can she ever get on a plane? I mean don't you have to go thru a metal detector? Don't let her near a magnet!! I bet George Washington would just love to see this face.. so he could melt it all down to pack all the muskets you could ever need for a war! I just don't see the appeal of resembling a hybrid of a bull meets a pin cushion.. But to each his very damaged own. ☹ good grief it hurts to look at! *shivers*

Hahaha first time I've seen someone actually Do the tip of the nose piercing 😂😂😂

Healed Inverse vertical albert piercing by Courtney Jane maxwells of Saint Sabrina's. Jewelry by Anatometal.

This gal is wearing a beautifully healed inverse vertical labret piercing I did for her earlier this year. She took fabulous care of it and it shows!

23 Pictures That Prove Piercings Are The Worst

23 Pictures That Prove Piercings Are The Worst

Nape Piercing: Procedure, Pain, Cost, 130+ Pictures awesome

130+ Nape Piercing Ideas, Procedure, Pain, Cost, Healing

One of these popular surface piercings is the nape piercing. The nape one is definitely one of those unique and gorgeous versions.