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ha-ha sorry if this is giving a little to much. BUT ITS TEEN! xoxo :) LIKE IF IT IS TRUE TO YOU

"My parents accused me of being a liar. I looked them in the face & said, "Tooth fairy, Santa, Easter Bunny" & walked away like a boss." So, true. hopefully my kids won't think of these things during an argument;

This is me, and I'm not afraid to admit it. When people say: "You need to shut up. You're talking really loud." I will start yelling. It makes me mad when people tell me to talk quieter.

i think i am that friend. also, we all have that one friend who needs to shut the fuck up

I have the perfect tree to hang something like this in.  Now if only the…

Teenager Post: I'm the type of person who looks over the menu for five minutes but orders the exact same thing every time. More like 15 minutes XD

Every time :)

Whenever we are in class and the teacher walks out of the room, it instantaneously becomes complete and utter chaos. The teacher walks back in and someone is like," everyone act like nothing just happened" only to have everyone look completely unnatural

I do this all the time, I'm quite good at it although Penelope likes to tell me that I'm not and that I'll fall

Let's play another game called how far can I lean off the loft bed to grab the thing before I fall down to my death

I concur!

I have an outlet behind my bed and I'm always trying to plug it in at night when I'm playing on it and it is like so hard!