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Ese de afuera es Francia? XD  (Se va a lo cute porque hay una cosa rara parecida a un mochi)

Axis - Germany, Italy, Japan, Romano and Prussia . I'm quite sure that those are France's hands XD


It's Prussia AKA Gilbert Beilschmidt. I don't want Prussia to swear, saying he's awesome and my parents questioning me why I'd brought him home.

Sweden sometimes stops to think of what Finland likes. Only to surprise him with it.

Mä en es tiiä mitä mieltä mä oon tästä...

Hetalia (ヘタリア) - Sweden x Finland (SuFin) - The pic on the left seems the most realistic to me ( ^ω^ )

Germany & Italy - HRE & Chibi-Italy

Germany / Holy Roman Empire (HRE) and Italy / Chibitalia - hetalia-gerita Photo