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Aaaww!!! Finnian is the cutest character in this series!!! And we all know no matter how disturbing the series it needs an adorable character to balance it out!

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I loved getting to read about Ciel's & Sebastain's connection with hot milk and honey that is brought up earlier in the series.

Does anyone remember which chapter this was? / kuroshitsuji / black butler / ciel / Sebastian

They went through quite the heavy ordeal. Sebastian worked very hard to stay alive and keep his young master safe. Good end to this arc. Kuroshitsuji 65 < ya, I need to read the manga NOW.

Kuroshitsuji 102 Page 13.....Pfft i love when they throw around jabs like this...don't ship them though fuck u sebby....Ciel is always a cutie pie :3

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