I was so pissed about Jesus. I wanted him and Lafayette to be like the only people to make it through. What do I know.

Lafayette has some serious connections.

20 Fangtastically Funny 'True Blood' Quotes to Make Waiting for Season 6 Suck…

I have never watched any of the twilight movies, and I don't feel a need to. But I LOVE True Blood! (:

Organising the home office - Set up a dedicated workspace

I love the Twilight books. Don't really care for the movies. But I LOVE me some True blood!

True blood- Pam + red

True blood- Pam + red

Jessica Hamby, as played by Deborah Ann Woll, during Season 7 of True Blood.

True Tribute: Jessica Hamby

24 signs Bill and Sookie would always end up together

24 Signs Bill and Sookie Would Always End Up Together

Funny tumblr post -every time I see this I laugh out loud. Not giggle, full blown laugh!

I would not want to see a dedicated duck kill someone but this post is so true af