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visualgraphic:  You were never mine Zeroing

You weren't, you were NEVER mine. Always getting pretty or grinding on or for someone else. You were every man's that showed you some attention or wanted to shove a dollar in your ass crack

Powerful words.

Though, in truth, no one can ever *make* you feel anything.this could maybe be more accurately worded as,"I'm ashamed that I made the decision to stay when I felt so terrible in the situation. Staying is a choice.

This is soooooo sad, but the absolute truth in my house!!

This is soooooo sad, but the absolute truth in my house!!

Keep calm

Keep calm Novembrino Novembrino Bennewitz Welch let's text this to each other in times of need


The Strongest People Love Quote - [Aint this the truth! Yeah I know someone like that. Do you know someone like that? Share this image with them! CLICK the image to see more! ~ENJOY, Roz Fruchtman - Say It With eCards

I am endlessly creating myself #travel #quote

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Single as fuck! LOL

Truth this has got me thinkin maybe I didn't justimagine all the shit i thought I was conjurin g up in my head somethin was up