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Funny and Relatable! When I'm in the middle of telling a story and someone interrupts me. Lol so true!

Somebody I know...

pin all the things. So funny 'cause that's exactly how it happened!

oh my gosh I know everything now, I'm so going to try this when Halloween comes around!!!

Le Mom:Honey you have to eat healthier- *Sees 'the corn'* Well I stand corrected. *Leaves with proud smile* Le Me: That swaggering imbecile shall never know our ways *Strokes candy corn*

31 Period Tweets. I really just like this one. The expression on the "Whoa!" wolf's face is priceless. Glad I'm not her!

31 Period Tweets That Will Make You Laugh Then Cry




No kidding, I imagined the guy with Andrew's voice. It sounds exactly like him. "You have butterflies? DIGEST THEM" I can see his face in my head oh dear.

Calling it this from now on!

I just found the theme for my next birthday party. I will have unicorn bacon, unicorn themed drinks, a unicorn cake, a unicorn pinata and I will attache a fake horn to my horse& halter. I will be turning 22 by the way.

When You Hit The Bong Too Hard And You Can't Hold It From redeyesonline.net

Give your lungs a bit of a break! You can get a little high or a lot high, anytime and anyplace by making your own delicious Dragon Teeth mints or Cannabis chocolates; small candies you can take anywhere. MARIJUANA - Guide to Buying, Growing, Harvesting,

A Collection of Video Game Themed Valentines | GameZone

Some video game themed valentines that will make you fall in love with you Xbox and PC all over again!

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 32 Pics

All my bills paid for the next twelve months please Funny Pictures Of The Day – 29 Pics

Why isn't this a thing?

Why isn't this a thing?> They’d find various spices a few pans and various microwaveable things. Nothing really decent since I just ate the really cool stuff.