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Broken Crayon Candles.....what what- yeah and i bet you could add some essential oils in too to make them smell good candles!

Transform Your Kids' Broken Crayons Into Candles

I want to try this... always have broken crayons....Use Crayons to Create Color Block Candles

Use Crayons to Create Color Block Candles

If you are into candles and DIY projects, this is a cool gift set you can make yourself. This is something that a family member would love as a gift or even your friends. These candles stands are.

Layered Crayon Candles (Note to self:  Next time use a wick that isn't flame-resistant ;)

Layered Crayon Candles

instructables: “Layered Crayon Candles “ Use crayons to create unique candles for your home or as a gift for a loved one.

crayon candles

Homemade fall scented crayon candles - So you want your kids to eat their flaming crayons while they color pumpkins?

How to Make Candles Out of Crayons

Yes, You Can Make Candles Out of Crayons - Here's How

If you have old crayons lying around the house that your kids need no longer, then you'll be glad to know that you can put them to good use by making candles out of them.

Sun melted crayon candle- Fun Summer project for kids @ in-the-cornerin-the-corner

Sun melted crayon CANDLE - Fun Summer project for kids. Put crayons in a jar and tie a wick to a pencil. Put the jar outside in the sun.