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Эверетт Фрок DR-Эверетт-пт - Айви Abitz на заказ

Meet the new Everett Duster Coat, the epitome of all things Ivey Abitz.

:: Crafty :: Sew :: Clothing ~ Clemmie Frock by Ivey Abitz

Our signature gathering has found a new home in the Clemmie. It's sure to be your new favourite for everyday wear and special occasions.

Fennefleur Skirt by Ivey Abitz

Its movement and drape in the bottom hem pleating make the Fennefleur Skirt a delight for everyday wear.

Ivey Abitz

If you appreciate unique practicality in your everyday wardrobe, head to the Highlands with our new Highlands Frock.

Ivey Abitz Summer 2014, Look Number 1-GORGEOUS, custom-made clothing. EXPENSIVE, but breathtaking!

I love the look created by the translucent layer over the bold color. The new Evie Dress and Evie Frock. Summer 2014 Look No.

:: Crafty :: Sew :: Clothing ~ Hambledon Frock by Ivey Abitz

Elliot Jacket, Hambledon Frock, Clemmie Frock, and Fitz Necktie - Look No. 26 from Ivey Abitz

Look 36  Look 50 of Ivey Abitz's 2015 Spring Lookbook

Grandma Celia encouraged Cynthia to be a dreamer. The Celia designs celebrate such encouragement in life.