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Dil is a fiction sims character. I should not be feeling this extreme hurt and sympathy for a sims character.

"are you guys like a couple or something?" "haha no we're just two dorks who eat each others food and hug a lot" "oh"

Also, any time the interviewer is patronizing, you can bet Dan will subtly quip back

And now a pillow, my life is complete

And now a pillow, my life is complete<<<and a rolling pin in one of their first baking videos

A tragic tale of love and loss

If they are together I feel like this would be accurate - not all of the cheesy over-the-top fanfic stuff (even though that would be PART of their relationship). It would literally be their bants + cuddles.

im actually laughing really hard

imagine dan replying to the post with "yes homo" i would fucking die oml

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My marshmallows are becoming smores I don't know if I'm ready for this D:<<<<?>>>> Mama is gonna cry

All of the above except for that last one

They checked the "I don't enjoy danisnotonfire videos" I hate them

YOU JUST CAN'T "CHOOSE A FAVOURITE" << One of my friends said Dan was better. She has been disowned forever. T_T

YOU CANT JUST PICK ONE<<<They are a package deal<<< Making me choose is like asking someone which knife u want to get stabbed with.<<Well that escalated quickly.

*through gritted teeth* it's the PHandom PH for PHil

Aaand danandphilgames and danandphilcrafts and danisnotinteresting and lessamazingphil so I mean bye forever