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mask and nun! don't ask why the nun's I have no idea were that comes from. As for the mask its not necessarily a gas mask, but masks in general, the fact that you have no clue who's behind and that wearing one also restricts your

A soldier escorts two young visitors to the gas chambers during an open day at Kingston Barracks in Surrey. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images). June 29, 1935 [The use of poisonous gas in war brings up the issue of ethics in battle and the so-called laws of war. Click on this image to see a clip and short analysis of just and unjust wars from a sociological perspective]

The Gas mask family During the war life was very different. Seeing a whole family wearing gas masks, is not something you see during peacetime.


One of hundreds of gas masks scattered around an abandoned textile factory in Milan.


Alexander reference -- circus performer story idea - "The stork," a man who is in the circus because of a deformity, but has the most pure and romantic heart of all, and falls in love with someone whom he is too shy to speak to

Gas mask nun.

Talk to a nun - preferably not in a gas mask but if there is one that is ok too.She is ordered to wear it so she doesn't spread her erotic life styles to others Mais

Soviet mask

Soviet mask

The mask

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Gas Mask: Designed by Haldane, it kept soldiers breathing when either side bombed with gas [Appears to be an American soldier based on lapels.