Roman/French/British/Dutch/Tibetan strikers

Roman/French/British/Dutch/Tibetan strikers - Historic Iron Work - Gallery - I Forge Iron

Bottle Opener Forged From Railroad Spike by TheSpikeShop on Etsy

Bottle Opener Forged From Railroad Spike

Railroad Spike Bottle Opener

Railroad Spike Bottle Opener

Looking for a unique bottle opener? How about one made from a railroad spike found along an abandoned US railroad? Heated to F and then hand-forged

Railway Spike Hooks by MetcalfeIronWorks on Etsy, $15.00

Railway Spike Hooks by MetcalfeIronWorks

Artist Blacksmith Sam Bailey designs bespoke metalwork including gates, railings and sculptures - Shed creative

Artist blacksmith Sam Bailey creates gates and railings, sculptures and other interior items such as tables and chairs, with a consultation we can create anything you can imagine

Boyz....I will be getting yall one of these so you can stop opening your bottles with your teeth cuz that has to hurt and I paid enough dental bills back in the day!!!! The "Beer Shucker" bottle opener. $20. Made of hand-forged steel inNorth Carolina.

NC-based Carolina Shucers makes this carbon steel bottle opener and handsome oyster knives.