Skull Fire by Michael Creese

Michael Creese Poster Print Wall Art Print entitled Skull Fire, None

Print 11x17  One  Skulls Skeletons Dark Art Abstract by chuckhodi, $16.00

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Fuck you. I gave you my heart and soul. And you have the audacity to fucking say I have a boyfriend? No I'd rather be covered in batterie acid then touch anyone or have anyone touch me. Fuck that. Fuck you. I am not the old cym. I am the cym that isn't a whore or anything because you started to bring that cym out. Nobodies been able to fucking do that. But without you she'll just disappear and then I'll be left a complete and utter shell.

Red Skull art by IgoingWest on Etsy is a print of her original watercolor painting.

The art of Stephan Balleux really knocked the wind out of me. He also likes to focus on a subject I have been obsessed with in the past, skulls.

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