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Elrond and Estel Lines by TokiDokiLoki

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Lazy Thranduil and Legolas - kagalin的微博_微博

Lazy Thranduil and Legolas - kagalin的微博_微博

The Hobbit | Thranduil and Legolas 用生命调戏真爱的照片 - 微相册 pt.27

The Hobbit | Thranduil and Legolas 用生命调戏真爱的照片 - 微相册 pt.27

maedhrosmaitimo: “thranduil and oropher is so cute im fund in weibo.com i think the autor is 巴克莲 ./// Adorable!!! ”

Baby thranduil and his ada Oropher. Also looks like it could be Thranduil and Legolas, so ^^'

Thranduil:Legolas,ion-nìn,is this what you desire? Legolas:Yes,Adar,I desire to marry Galadwen Tûveniel. Thranduil:Ah,that is the same enthusiasm I had when I desired to marry your Naneth. *Thranduil places a hand on his son's cheek,slightly worried* Legolas:May I pledge myself to her in Imladris? Thranduil:I give the both of you my blessing. *Legolas grins and leaves with Galadwen's ring* Thranduil (to himself):I have taught him well enough...

"Your persistence I can resist no longer.and so I confess. The Elf I long so achingly for is you, ada.your words relieve a great weight from my shoulders.


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Its soooo cute! Legolas and thranduil

queenstardust: “ okaaaay, here is the first page I did for the Amralime Hobbit Fanart Anthology. I think the bottom left panel is my favourite one