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Sea Dragon, Seahorses

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'Blonde' Naso Tang::Naso elegans aka Orangespine Unicornfish, the Lipstick Tang and the Lipstick Surgeonfish.

Clown Trigger Fish

Clown Trigger Fish, looks like a fabric pattern for a dress

Puffer Fish aren’t trying to poison you for sport. They’d really prefer not to be eaten at all. Their common name (they’re also known as blowfish) comes from their tendency to expand into prickly, unwieldy balls when threatened. Puffers accomplish this with the aid of their highly elastic stomachs and the sharp spines (modified scales) lining the outsides of their bodies.

ichthyologist: “ Starry Puffer (Arothron stellatus) The starry puffer is a marine fish that grows up to m in length. When threatened, it can swallow water or air to inflate itself.

By 2048 the oceans will be empty...

Photographer and marine biologist Octavio Aburto snapped the images of the "fish tornado". Images of an underwater fish "tornado" were captured at Cabo Pulmo National Park in Mexico.

betta crowntail

Some interesting betta fish facts. Betta fish are small fresh water fish that are part of the Osphronemidae family. Betta fish come in about 65 species too!

Aquaview 216 by ~Nazareanu. This is a Bubble Eyed Goldfish, a small variety of the common Goldfish (Carassius auratus auratus).

The Bubble Eye is a small variety of fancy goldfish with upward pointing eyes that are accompanied by two large fluid-filled sacs. An aquarium fish.

An ancient tale tells the gods recognized a koi for its perseverance and determination and turned it into a golden dragon, the image of power and strength.

Marvellous Colorful and Beautiful Koi fish they are symbols of love and friendship in Japan