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Old artists studios in London. Imagine having your bed up there amongst all your art stuff and all these plants you have everywhere, having rain falling on the glass above you when you wake up in the morning and huddling under a blanket drinking a hot drink while you draw or browse tumblr or whatever. In this rustic old brick building.

Old artist studios in London. These houses were built specifically for artists. The large windows are where the studio space is located. There are four of these houses in a row.

As solid and unshakable as we think our civilization is, its grip on nature is tenuous at best. If any cracks appear in the faces of our buildings or our machines, nature is quick to move in and take over. With this in mind, here are 21 photos of places and things that nature is in the process of reclaiming.

Step Inside Any Of These 52 Abandoned Places If You Dare. They're Beautiful And Scary.

Nature has a way of taking back . Unusual Photos - An abandoned Ferris wheel by © Kyle Telechan.

Up the stairs is the castle, down the stairs is the garden outside Prince's castle.

Which Character From The Secret Garden Are You?

I love abandoned architecture, there is something so elemental about the reclaimation of buildings by nature sleeping beauty fairytale castle art photography grimm and fairy magical places

Bull Manor - Sept 2012 - Derelict Places - Berkyn Manor, Berkshire, UK | Also known as Bull Manor, has been in a state of decay since the last resident, Ernest Raymer, died in 1987 at the age of 96. The property has existed since the 1630s, although the manor was rebuilt in 1848. * look at the carved wood on the front of the piano*

The Berkyn Manor Music Room in Berkshire, England Also Known as Bull Manor, has Been in a State of Decay Since the Last Resident Ernest Raymer Died in The Property has Existed Since the Although the Manor was Rebuilt in

If a house was abandoned-looking it was only a trick by boogey men and goblins to lure kids inside.

If a house was abandoned-looking it was only a trick by boogey men and goblins…

At the bottom of a shadowy lane, the little house still stands, although, long since abandoned. Over the years it has gained a spooky reputation. People unfortunate enough to have to pass by, especially at night, report hearing strange voices and even stranger music coming from inside, and gaslights have been seen burning on dark, winter nights. Shadowy figures often appear standing at, or looking out from behind dark windows, watching the passers-by. And yet, no living being occupies the…

This spooky house is strangely beautiful to me.I guess I just see beauty in places where others do not :)