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Zeitschriften 1952

Zeitschriften 1952

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton – Marc Jacobs exhibition opens in Paris - pink leather handbags, stores that sell handbags, branded handbags

Junior & Fido with the Kelvinator

1947 vintage ad~My grandmothers always called their fridges "Kelvinators" .maybe it is just a Southern thing?

I think this might take all the fun out of it!

Spare the boot, spoil the child. I'm all for discipline but this is ridiculous. Lead pipes, indeed! It's amazing sometimes that we survive as a race.

Turqouise portable TV sets were the new thing to have in 1958; Motorola ad

1958 Motorola Americana Portable TV Ad-gee maybe if mom finishes her domestic duties she can enjoy the tv too

Image result for amphetamine new york 60's

JORDAN WALLER: Apparently there is an amphetamine on the market called Vyvanse is used to treat ADD as well as Binge Eating Disorder.

Jell-O Content Marketing Book

Kewpies: I own three vintage Kewpie fills and people have called me a kewpie doll many times.

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One vintage ad warns women, "Don't let them call you SKINNY!" while another promises that smoking cigarettes will keep one slender. If the task of morphing their bodies into the current desirable shape isn't enough of a burden, women are also reminded that they stink.

Selling Shame: 20 Outrageously Offensive Vintage Ads

Gray hair cost her her job - Selling Shame: 20 Outrageously Offensive Vintage Ads

I see Gaines Burgers on the counter! My dog used to love it!

I see Gaines Burgers on the counter! My dog used to love it!

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