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wip 5 by EvanCampbell on deviantART

Not really much to see here but I did make some progress on this personal project. Finally finished the head sculpture and molded it. Simple two part plaster mold. Also pulled a silicone copy of th.

ArtStation - Luma Pictures, safari sosebee

Only just some of the pieces I did while at Luma Pictures for several years. My work ranged from digital doubles to full creatures to environments to digital matte paintings.

3d modeller demo reel - Google Search

Buy Low Poly Demon Crew by BITGEM on This Set contains the Demon Lord, Fat Demon, Demon Bomb, Demon Grunt and Demon Imp. They are bound to HIK skeletons a.

Carl's sketchbook - Page 6

Beast, Carl Forsberg on ArtStation. I love how the lines flow through this character. Weight illustrated with grace.

A goblin shaman and his weary champion stand triumphant over their human enemy.

[link] Here's the final study for the Greenskins from Warhammer Online.

MonsterD_mod, Jay Han on ArtStation at http://www.artstation.com/artwork/monsterd_mod

It's the model of MonsterD , i made this sculpture based on the illustration of Ivan Kashubo ,and i've added the lower part of the body. I finish the model in Zbrush and render it in Keyshot.

Richard MacDonald - amazing

Easy Clay Sculptures : Richard MacDonald one of the most amazing sculptors of our time!

Concept art character, Raciel  Avila on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/XaqVy

Concept art character by Raciel Avila on ArtStation.