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The dark knight rices

I want to go see Batman, The dark knight rises so badly! But I still haven't watched The dark knight *_____* Better find it though.

#Lol. #Thunder pizza roll jokes

For rigorous sports such as basketball, shoes are a very important consideration. This is because it would ensure that the player would be safe while he or she enjoys the sport. Since the foot is the main consideration for basketball,


Batman Fan Art, Super Hero Batman Doodle Art One of a kind, image printed on an ready to frame on Etsy

This is totes adorbs. Batman holding hands with Batgirl and Robin.

Batgirl, Batman and Robin by Andry Rajoelina. Hahahaha first day of bat school

Holy catfish Batman!  Amazing Nike AF1s to stop crime or just chill out and play some Arkham Horror.  Maybe you will just remain ever vigilant.  Well, they're YOUR shoes.

Batman & Robin custom Nike sneakers designed by Brass Monki. via Gamefreaks dream shoes

Superheroes as Manatees... i don't know why this exists, but it makes me giggle. two great things combined

Superheroes as Manatees

Funny pictures about Superheroes as Manatees. Oh, and cool pics about Superheroes as Manatees. Also, Superheroes as Manatees photos.

Batman | 11  Nerdy Comics Collages You Have To Really Look At

11 Nerdy Comics Collages You Must See

Mike Alcantara has put together some amazing comic book collages. Mike has taken comic books—hopefully comic books that are not collectable—cut them up and created these excellent collages of some of your favorite comic book heroes.

XD this made my afternoon!


This is just hilarious: The Dark Knight Rises poster, but featuring the cheesy, old, Adam West Batman


love funny the hobbit lion king simba Scar Thor fandom fili kili lions loki miguel Road to El Dorado Gods dwarves julio and if they were pirates they would be jack sparrow and will

I love this episode and I love this scene of this episode. This is like the fifth pin I've pinned to this board that is from a scene of The Trouble With Tribbles.

"a little joke, extremely little" - Star Trek - Chekov/Spock "The Trouble With Tribbles"