Não posso compreender o nosso sentir, nem vão confiar no nosso proceder. Sei que existem diferenças, mas por dentro somos iguais, eu e você.

Deviant Artist alicexc recreates disney’s most romantic moments The Art of Disney. Tarzan and Jane

Komos Beach

iamthelittlemermaid: (via i-pukerainbows). The Little Mermaid. Ariel and King Triton.

Realistic/semi-realistic oil paintings of Disney characters. I just love the Lilo & Stitch one. She's so cute! (wish I knew who did this)

Disney Oil Paintings!

Funny pictures about Disney Oil Painting Masterpieces. Oh, and cool pics about Disney Oil Painting Masterpieces. Also, Disney Oil Painting Masterpieces photos.

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Jane found a wild man who could only speak gorilla, and she not only taught him how to speak English she actually learnt his language, and then she gave up her dainty English life to live in the jungle with the man she loved.