NEW! Helleborus Gold Collection® Ice Breaker Fancy Each plant carries a pretty bouquet of slightly nodding, outward-facing white flowers, with white or blush petal backs, perched just above gray-green foliage. Blossoms last for about ten days on this Helleborus Gold Collection® variety, and are produced over several months, maturing to green. 'COSEH 820' PP 22,347

Helleborus 'Ice Breaker Corsica' has refreshing pale green flowers that contrast with the darker green veined leaves and bloom early winter. Evergreen foliage all year round.

Helleborus (winter)      via Nathalie Peters

White Helleborus - flowers from Jan to Mar/April, good leaves for the rest of the year

Hybrid lenten rose ‘Double Black’ 'Double Ellen Picotee' • Helleborus 'Double Ellen Picotee' • Plants & Flowers •

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Serenity in the Garden: Hellebore - A Great Plant for Shade that Deer Don't Eat

From Mom's yard-Hellebores (Lentin Rose) A must have for any garden. There is a variety which produces light green flowers – very pretty and unusual.

Aquilegia vulgaris Clementine Red, I need to start thinking about the yar

Aquilegia vulgaris Clementine Red Columbine Type: Perennials Height: Short (Plant apart) Bloom Time: Spring to Early Summer Large fuchsia red, spurless series of Columbine has larger flowers that resemble double Clematis.


Julia Rose Itoh Peony-Large, double blossoms, soft apricot, blending to…

Narcissus 'Green Pearl' Daffodils

Shop Narcissus Green Pearl Bulbs at J Parker's. Fragrant daffodil variety with pure white petals surrounding a green eye. Buy top quality bulbs online now