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Freunde von Freunden — Lorenz Seidler — Founder of Art Platform eSel, Apartment & Studio, Margareten, Vienna — http://www.freundevonfreunden.com/interviews/lorenz-seidler/

Lorenz Seidler

A working animal with long ears and grey fur – Lorenz Seidler has chosen the donkey as a his identifying symbol.

interior design instagram white outdoor space

25 Design Instagram Accounts for Endless Inspiration

Shop domino for the top brands in home decor and be inspired by celebrity homes and famous interior designers. domino is your guide to living with style.


Monica and Petra Storrs — Make-up Artist & Art Director, Apartment, Hackney, London

Ana. Siempre te he recomendado esta página que se llama Apartment Therapy que tiene un estilo que creo que te puede gustar y que muestra interiores hechos por gente normal, no por profesionales.

Lauren's Idyllic Home in Silver Lake

Moon to Moon: The home of.. Gisele d'Ailly van Waterschoot van der Gracht

Publisher & Artist, Apartment, Amsterdam Centrum Gisèle d’Ailly van Waterschoot van der Gracht is a woman of the castle.

"Kristin & Derek's Musical Laurel Canyon Lodge" -- this whole house is a "love YOUR space" kinda place!

Kristin & Derek's Musical Laurel Canyon Lodge

From the portfolio of photographer Claudio Tajoli.#interior landscapes

Soft blue studio space with patterned tile and amazing indoor plants cascading from windows and ceiling.

Freunde von Freunden — Sandra Juto and Johan Pergenius — Illustrator & Graphic Designer, Apartment, Friedrichshain, Berlin — http://www.freundevonfreunden.com/interviews/sandra-juto-johan-pergenius/

Sandra Juto & Johan Pergenius

Small Space Decor Ideas

50 Small-Space Living Ideas You Can Use Now

A bathroom garden. Adding a variety of green plants to this light-filled room brings a touch of nature and freshness. Plus, the steam from the shower is like a self-watering system for not-so-thirsty succulents.

Bathyard Home

Combining the client's love for plants and bathing, Husos Architects came up with the ’Bathyard’ concept for this quirky Madrid home.