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The Gentle Listening to The Soft Flowing Motion of The New

The Gentle Listening to The Soft Flowing Motion of The New

DIY Diamond Embroidery tree angel Rain Lovers Diamond Painting Full Diamond Mosaic Needlework Crafts Home Paintings


Good night mrs moon Amazing children illustrations by Melani Sie a.a darkmello, a talented illustrator, based in Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia. Flying whale Yellow balloon Waiting Uh oh Turtles can fly Touch de sky… Continue Reading →

Que no dia de hoje, cada UM de nós possa SER mais consciente de sua própria essência, o AMOR, honrando sua sagrada presença em todos os seres e realidades. Sejamos felizes, plenos e realizados em tudo o que fazemos, com a graça de Deus.   Gratidão, Paz e AMOR (Mautama)

Be the ingredients of what you seek in another - this is a soulful based relationship that feels eternal in the physical!


When we connect with BE the Divine beauty of our Inner Paradise, Heaven merges with Earth we are in the arms of our Beloved for Eternity. ♥♥ Beautiful Artwork by Eva Ruiz


How to recognize obsession, and to heal it with the love healing energy for yourself, so you can have positive energy to offer another.

Negative Emotions, Gratitude, Beautiful, Healthy, Success, Joy, Live, Goddesses, Fairy Dust

Celestial Dreams

what I dreamt of last night (also throw in some large Muppet monster puppets for sale, little league practice pickup & a planned vacation for a wife to the South of France)




Mantra de la Flamme Violette pour les Flammes Jumelles.