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JRC-1138 (moif's primary blog): Artist of the Month; Franklin Booth

seabois: “ Illustration by Franklin Booth, for The Flying Islands of the Night by James Whitcomb Riley, 1913 (via Golden Age Comic Book Stories) ”

Sure, us Elder Gods are master architects of the material world -- manipulating mortal “civilizations” into raising sky-scraping skull-towers in our honor, whittling cold planets into totems of pestilence and despair -- but it wasn't always that way. Remember when matter was basically a metric crap-ton of dust? It was like you put a Pixie stick in your pocket and it broke open and that shit got everywhere. It’s pretty hard to be a destroyer-of-all when there’s nothing to destroy. You think…

6 Things That Only Elders Gods Present At The Birth Of The Universe Will Remember

Community Post: 6 Things That Only Elders Gods Present At The Birth Of The Universe Will Remember

Sir Galahad by George Fredrick Watts.  Without courtly love, what code of respect will guide men and women to cherish one another?

Sir Galahad di George Frederic Watts - oil on canvas/ 107 x cm. by George Frederic Watts- - British) Gallery: Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

Historia: Lo que aún no sabes del Santo Grial y por qué sigue siendo un misterio. Noticias de Alma, Corazón, Vida. Aunque esté generalmente aceptado como un mito y su búsqueda todavía no haya dado resultados, la expectación y teorías peregrinas alrededor del mismo aumentan con el tiempo              Desde los caballeros de las leyendas medievales hasta Indiana Jones, pasando por los nazis, el Santo Grial es la reliquia más preciada y deseada de la cristiandad. Su búsqueda es una de las…

Tracing history’s most elusive holy relic will lead you to these real places.