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Trump The Joke

what happens when you take a joke too far? the president of the united states of america

We all have our different views on who would make the best President of the United States. Our options for Commander in Chief are important to weigh. Still haven't quite made up your mind about which

Democrat, Republican, Not Trump

Like I said before, I'm voting for Xena: Warrior Princess. Bet she'll make all those asses in D. Get 'em Xena!

Tiny TRump.

Aww poor little donnie and the poor baby supporters still crying with him. We will be as nice to him as he was(and you all were) to OUR President.

Typical conservative christian right wing republican hypocritical  bullshit at it's apex.

Marriage vows are not considered Holy or binding to these hypocrites. It's funny how the most self-righteous are the ones who flout Judeo-Christian Biblical teachings.