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Always wear hearing protection

Bad bad ATF, you should know A LOT better. At least take your finger off the trigger.

What you girlies have to look forward to.... Hahaha

Married life.

I think this is adorable, not in a depreciating way. Married Life In A Nutshell funny marriage jokes lol funny quote funny quotes funny sayings joke humor funny pictures funny images marriage humor

Best Of Whose Line Is It Anyway

Best Of Whose Line Is It Anyway(Best Movies Hilarious)

Creepy Dolls - Imgur

Creepy Dolls

The Greatest Ongoing Prank Between 2 Brothers… Brilliant! I love sibling pranks! But the best is when my brother and I gang upon my mum!

The locker one is actually correct.all the rest of them are wrong.

You had one job compilation // tags: funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -


Look boys and girls! It's Bucket Head! Please note that there is a perfectly good helmet there on the front of the bike. Time for another Darwin Award perhaps? Funny pictures, selected from our online collection. You're sure to laugh out loud.

Had to pin this, there is a man holding a House of Raeford turkey!!!  I should so be in the PR department!

"Think all parents are boring? Think again, these images aim to prove otherwise." Could definitely see my parents doing some of these.specifically my dad. The birth control blanket is the best, hahaha

Stand Up If You Are Dumb

Funny pictures about Teacher Just Got Burned. Oh, and cool pics about Teacher Just Got Burned. Also, Teacher Just Got Burned photos.

Don’t Start That Crap Again

Funny pictures about Confession. Oh, and cool pics about Confession. Also, Confession.

Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.

Columbus Day someecards Going Green: Our Army Adventure, Newport Wishes

Cell phone clipped to jean shorts. Camera strap securely fastened around neck. How is he not mine?<<<<<can't stop laughing at this comment

How dude even get in there? Like, what the fuck was he doin that he got stuck...nevermind, I don't even care anymore.

Being an adult is stupid, but being a stupid adult is Playground Equipment Source: Soda Vending MachineSource: SwingSource: . View Adults Stuck in Things Like Big Idiot Children" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

Zach Galifianakis & Bruce Willis - Imgur

zach galifinakis bruce willis between two ferns. Favorite of all the two ferns.

lmaooo too funny !!!!

Funny pictures about Janitors Having Fun. Oh, and cool pics about Janitors Having Fun. Also, Janitors Having Fun photos.

When sick children need likes on Facebook for that life saving operation

When sick children need likes on Facebook for that life saving operation


My future son ! rock on little one. rock on =]