8 Insane Literary Lego Projects (Moby Dick!)

8 Insane Literary Lego Projects

This ten-foot high 'Moby-Dick' whale, designed by Stephen Gerling and made from from Duplo bricks, was part of an exhibition of nautical Lego sculptures at the Sydney aquarium.

Ten Things you didn’t know about LEGO - The History of LEGO - If you ♥ LEGO, come have a look at LEGO LOVE board http://pinterest.com/almaisoncloud9/lego-love/ - I am the French-Israeli designer of “Mademoiselle Alma”. Inspired by my daughter, ALMA, I create Jewelry made from LEGO bricks, SWAROVSKI crystals and of course, a great amount of imagination. *** http://www.facebook.com/MademoiselleAlma Hope you LIKE my Facebook page-shop ♥ & http://www.etsy.com/shop /MademoiselleAlma #LEGO

Ten Things you didn’t know about LEGO - The History of LEGO. Actually LEGO are opening a factory in China now, but only so they can easily supply the growing Chinese market.

A Life-Sized Bag End From ‘The Hobbit’, Made Entirely Of LEGO

LEGO has recreated a life-sized Bag End—the famous hobbit home featured in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey—entirely out of its iconic.

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Nathan Sawaya is so much obsessed with Lego that he left his lawyer job in NY to become a master lego builder. Sawaya now has a studio in the big Apple with over million Lego bricks which he uses to create jaw dropping structure like these

The world's largest Lego vampire has been constrcuted in front of the St Louis Cathedral in New Orleans. Starting at sunset and building through the night, Master Lego Builder Erik Varszegi used Lego bricks to complete the vampire just before daybreak.


Incríveis Esculturas de Lego por Nathan Sawaya