ernest hemingway. This confirms that his mother liked to dress him up in girls clothes. Boys were frequently dressed this way back then. Nothing sissy about it, not when they're babies.

Destined for Greatness: Baby Pictures of Famous Authors

Ernest Hemingway--baby pictures of favourite authors/people would make a cute wall hanging in a nursery

Want this is poster form

How to live like Ernest Hemingway.The HemingWay, if you will.

Rudyard Kipling as a boy.

Rudyard Kipling -- Rudyard Kipling was born Joseph Rudyard Kipling on December 1865 in Bombay, in British India to Alice Kipling, née MacDonald and (John) Lockwood Kipling.

martha gellhorn , journalist, third wife of Hemingway, born in St.Louis

Martha Gellhorn’s article about Dachau in Collier’s Weekly (updated)

You can get up to speed on this singular writer/reporter/globe trotter with Travels With Myself and Another: A Memoir and Selected Letters of Martha Gellhorn

Discover Paris trough eyes of Ernest Hemingway with TravelbyArt

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Behind the scenes of Ernest Hemingway's life in Havana.