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doodles, music ledgers, photographs, fabrics, old ticket stubs and some metal elements as well - on old puzzles

Altered Puzzle Projects: Collaborative Art that Fits Perfectly Together

altered puzzle art - for a class project emphasizing all parts becoming part of the whole - everyone is valued - idea for group projects too

Holly's Arts and Crafts Corner: Birthday Party Craft Project: Taped Painted Canvases

Birthday Party Craft Project: Taped Painted Canvases

fun kid art project idea - masking tape then paint in the lines. What I might do more - have 2 canvases, let the kid paint one any way, spray pain the other & do with lines.

cool! Trace leaves and color them in with different colors and patterns.

Falling Leaves in Art Class

cut out shapes for them, have them glue on,,,talk about shapes/colors/fine motor

Make individual art with kids and frame to create a wall of their own art.tissue flowers - tissue paper reproduces really well onto our art cards!

Elementary Art -- Totem Poles -- The big word for this project was stylize. We learned that some artists stylize their work by changing shapes, colors, etc. in order to give their work their own personal touch. Each student created one stylized animal in the style of a real totem pole

This is an awesome totem pole project for Native American unit. I would use this project only AFTER teaching my students about the significance and meaning of totem poles in Native American cultures.

WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE ART ROOM??: Kandinsky Trees-1st Grade On a large canvas with a big tree having a branch for each child, each kid can create their own Kandinsky circles for their own branch

The Grade students studied Wassily Kandinsky and abstract art. They each were able to make a cicle for the large collaboration .

CLASS FINGERPRINT ART:  What an amazing gift for a teacher!  Assign a different color for each child in the class.  Lightly trace a simple, but elegant outline on a large sheet of paper.  Have the students take turns dipping their fingers in their paint color and adding it to the design.  At the bottom of the page have each student sign the art by writing their name under their color dot.

Fingerprint Peace Dove - Identify each child by color By the Beverly Cleary School Class ART Projects Auction 2009

Christmas art projects - Google Search

11 Exceptional Elementary Art Projects Blogs

Art Projects for Kids: Klimt Watercolor Tree Girls draw tree or flower from nature and fill in with black sharpie.background is a mood painting with liquid water color

15 Fantastic Fine Art Projects For Kids

15 Fine Art Projects for Kids

Flower Stalks

Buy your Flower Stalks Canvas Wall Art by Oopsy Daisy here. Dress up a bare wall with the Flower Stalks Canvas Wall Art from Oopsy Daisy. Canvas wall art is perfect for adding color and styl

Fish or pirhana. Fold paper in half, then fold bottom half back out. Draw fish. Then unfold paper and extend fish, add teeth to turn into a pirhana.

Fish or pirhana. Fold paper in half, then fold bottom half back out. Then unfold paper and extend fish, add teeth to turn into a pirhana. I plan to use this w my young art class for April Fools' Day.

foreground, middleground, background, tints and shades

Monochromatic Tree Painting Beginning painiting students created a monochromatic painting of a winter pecan tree grove. Students chose an intermediate color and made tints and shades of that color to complete the painting.

My Student's Work | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

My Student's Work

More cool art projects- grade, white crayon resist under drawing, dark wash water color, black silhouetted fish (acrylic paint, sharpie?