Halloween makeup ideas and tips from Glo Extensions. These are the 7 most popular halloween makeup ideas this year. Learn basic tips on how to do each one.

.dramatic eye makeup

Purple smoky eye shadow brings out anybody's eye color brown,hazel,blue exc. just try it once and I am positive u will fall in love with this makeup style so just try it like this modal did above ! Try and see how it works with your eye color


Image Detail for - stunning and fierce red smoky eye makeup photographer williams bonbon .

El delineado sigue pisando fuerte no sólo en el tradicional negro (casi exclusivamente para las noches de verano) sino también en azul e incluso violeta. El color también se impone en las máscaras de pestañas y por supuesto en los labiales, que van desde el rosa más claro hasta el rojo más furioso.

With so many different trends of eye makeup out there it’s no wonder we feel a little overwhelmed trying to find eyeliner tips that best suit our own needs. Hence our inspiration for putting together a detailed list of our favorite eyeliner tips!

Model: Pamela Bernier / Photo: Max Abadian / Flare Magazine

15 Cool Makeup Looks with Feathers

Nice fake eyelashes with feathers WOW. Just thinking how cool this would look as a different way to do the feathered face masks for halloween. You just need fake eyelashes & glue to go with it.


Nude face make up with extremely bright red/orange/yellow shaded eyes very good for fall 2014



Lado Alexi - Tropical Eyelashes - Halloween Costume & Make-up