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SS-Sturmbannführer Jochen Peiper (komandan III./Panzergrenadier-Regiment 2) bersama dengan SS-Standartenführer Fritz Witt (komandan Panzergrenadier-Regiment LSSAH) di jalanan Kharkov tak lama setelah direbut dari tangan Rusia, Maret 1943.

The streets of Kharkov with Fritz Witt & Heinz von Westernhagen. Pin by Paolo Marzioli

Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler, Berlin, Germany, Sep 1937 They look like they are enjoying those boots.

[Photo] Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler, Berlin, Germany, Sep 1937

هتلر و موسيليني Mussolini pays an official visit to Berlin, Hitler thought highly of the Italian dictator and the two shared an unusual rapport. Hitler praised Mussolini routinely in private and hailed him as a "pioneer" in the "New Europe.

Waffen SS Brigdeführer Fritz Witt-NSDAP #816,769/SS #21,518-Commands 12th SS Panzer Division Hitlerjugend-7/1/1943,Witt promoted SS-Oberführer,& officially given command of the Hitlerjugend division-This unique Waffen SS Panzer Division was organized oddly, with mostly Hitlerjugend and 1st SS Panzer vets from the eastern front as well the Wehrmacht supplied the Division 50 officers on a permanent basis who still wore their Army uniforms but were officers and served in the 12th SS Panzer…

SS-Standartenführer Fritz Witt May 1908 – 14 June was a German Waffen-SS officer who served with the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler before taking command of the Hitlerjugend. Witt was killed by an allied naval barrage in

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Сын Сталина Яков Джугашвили пойман немцами в 1941. Позже был убит в лагере заключённых.

Stalin’s son Yakov Dzhugashvili captured by the Germans. He ‘died’ in a PoW camp

Reggio march- 1943

jochenmarseille:Jochen Peiper with Werner Wolff and Paul Guhl, Reggio, august 1943

Historia de España - España durante el franquismo 1939-1975

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