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The Lion King - Album on Imgur

The Lion King

For every graphic movie death that graces our screens in glorious Technicolor, there's an even more gruesome one that happens just outside of frame.

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The Lion King HD screencaps gallery - Background art

The Lion King - The sun rising over the African desert is one of Disney's most recognizable opening shots

Can you guess which classic Disney film these opening scenes are from?

The Lion King sun rising over the African desert -- I used this photo to paint on a cork. I used the cork to prop up my paintbrushes instead of lying them down on the table when they've got paint on them.

The Lion King (1994) - Disney Screencaps

The Lion King - Disney Screencaps

108 Of The Most Beautiful Shots In The History Of Disney

And just like that, the land is glorious again. No mention of the rehabilitation process which must have included replanting trees, and attracting livestock with lucrative real estate prices.

Peter Pan

When you wish upon a star

The Indian Camp is the side of Neverland that is the home of the Indian Chief, Tiger Lily and.

The Lion King, Pride Rock