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Die Nibelungen (1+2) - Filmkritik - Film - TV SPIELFILM

Ring of the Nibelungs - Brunnhild and Kriemhild with Siegfried

Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King (also known as Ring of the Nibelungs)

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Female ranger The softer of two costumes for Gemma Arterton as "Gretel" in the 2013 movie, "Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters.

Black Sails - Eleanor Guthrie

Black Sails - Eleanor Guthrie

margarete schön | Die Nibelungen - 1. Siegfried - Bilder - Cinema.de

Die Nibelungen - 1. Siegfried

Ironclad (2011)  Photos with Kate Mara

Ironclad: Paul Giamatti will play the tyrant King John in Ironclad, a medieval-era action film that pits a member of the formidable Knights Templar.

Die Piraten leben auf den Ostjyndischen Inseln. Sie kapern Schiffe auf der Handelsroute zwischen Colmar und dem Südland.

"The Pirates" Korean Movie After her 'exile', Sarieth's first priority is to remain unknown. Pirating is not what she had planned (assuming she took time to plan.), but they are good at remaining away from the annoying law.

Kristanna Loken as Brunhilde in "Curse of the Ring" aka "Ring of the Nibelungs"

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