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who said black on black is out of date?

Black chairs and wall / matte paint / color inspiration / black and white / monochromatic / texture / pattern / nature / interior design /

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Black point pen tip. If you don't think a writing utensil can be sexy, I present to you the flawless black LAMY Safari fountain pen nib. In the words of my students: If Batman wrote his autobiography by hand, this is the pen he would use.

Black on Black by Jereoen van der Spek.

Vintage typewriter with smashed keyboard (and much more) features in this vignette from Jeroen Van Der Spek, of the German photo agency StillStars. More of his unusual photography (including knitted wallpaper!) at the click-through.

black    http://melissachinchilla.typepad.com/the_way_of_the_bohemian_g/

*Mindboggler: if clear or white colored bulbs are associated with good ideas, is this black bulb a symbol of devious thoughts?

Rubber beauty

Naomi Campbell - Lighted Darkness (by Seb Janiak) [black latex]


Black and white abstract ink painting title Metaphor is a Ritual, manifest number 2

This would be perfect for your backyard with some flowers

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