Long Otter - Crow - 1905

Long Otter, Crow, taken by Richard Throssel - a student of Edward Curtis and one-quarter Cree, and this image comes from archives at the University of Wyoming.

Nova-Walpi, vintage Photogravure by Edward S. Curtis. (Probably Hopi since he's from Walpi, AZ which is near Second Mesa) - could be Navajo too since that region borders  Navajo lands.

At the beginning of the century, Edward S. Curtis set out to document what he saw as a disappearing race: the Native American. From 1907 to Curtis took more than photos of 80 tribes stretching from the Great Plains to the Pacific .

Dull Knife, Cheyenne Chief, 1873

Dull Knife, Cheyenne Chief, 1873

Strike On His Head - Crow - 1908

Vintage Posters - Strike On his Head Crow Indian Montana headandshoulders portrait facing front loose forelock braids beaded buckskin shirt beads and two large shell disks around neck North American Indians - North American Indians

Sioux Native American Portrait, Chief He Dog, 1900

Sioux Native American Portrait, Chief He Dog, 1900

Portrait, Tattoo, Dog, Native American Indians, Native Americans, Sioux Tribe, American History, Knights, Headshot Photography

I seek strength not to be greater than my brother but to fight my greatest enemy.


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