Native American Indian Buckskin Spirit Bear Bear is considered the most powerful of all of the animals and is one of the most popular subjects of fetish carvers. Bear is a spiritual guide and represents strength and self-knowledge. He has supernatural powers, great healing powers. Bear is a symbol deliberate action, introspection, soul and insight for the past and the future. The Bear is the guardian of the West

Native American Indian Buckskin Spirit Bear Bear is considered the most powerful…

oyce Growing Thunder Fogarty (Assiniboine/Sioux, b.1950), Give Away Horses Dress, 2006, Montana. Hide, seed beads, thread.; Breastplate and belt drop by Juanita Growing Thunder Fogarty, b. 1969.; Blanket by Jessica Growing Thunder b. 1989.

Juanita Growing Thunder Fogarty is an award-winning Assiniboine-Sioux bead worker and porcupine quill worker, who creates traditional Northern Plains regalia.

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totem pole of chief Tony Hunt Kwakiutl . top to bottom: the raven animal emblem of the Hunt family, Sisutl the serpent with two heads & character raising his hands in welcome, with head object shield-shaped Plus

Art Collector: 7 Sculptures - Native American Wooden Kachina Dolls, Alabastor & Bronze Sculpture

Ronald Honyouti (Hopi) b. 1955 Kachina Chief Wood and paint 11 by 4 by 5 inches…

Native American Hand painted TURTLE drum

Often, Native Americans would paint pictures and designs on the tops of their drums. This one shows a turtle.