7 Tricks for Instant Calm

Squeeze here applying firm pressure on the fleshy skin between your index finger and thumb is a proven de-stressor, researchers at Hong Kong Polytechnic University say: Just 30 seconds of acupressure reduces upper-body tension by

17 Reasons To Avoid Stress

How To Ease Stress And Anxiety Using Reflexology?

Reflexology is one of the easiest ways to beat stress and anxiety in today’s fast-paced world. This shows what you can do externally to reduce stress.

Amazing Secret Discovered by Middle-Aged Construction Worker Releases Healing Energy Through The Palm of His Hands. Cures Diseases and Ailments Just By Touching Them. And Even Heals People Over Vast Distances.

Ways To Release Stress And Anger

Hand Toe Points to control diabetes Hand Pressure Point: The area near your wrist below the little finger is the pressure point that is good for the heart. All the emotions and stress from the heart will be reduced by massaging this point.

5 Foods to Ditch if You Struggle with Anxiety or Depression

I eat and drink all these and I have anxiety. Interesting info for anyone, not just for those with anxiety and depression. 5 Foods to Ditch if you Struggle with Anxiety or Depression

Spiral Way Jin Shin Jyutsu: Which Finger is Which? Harmonizing Attitudes by Holding your Fingers!

Do you have Stanley stress? Stress we can control, Tips for Stress Management, Work place Stress, stress relief tips,

Our emotions can take a toll on our body and make us feel pain in certain spots depending on the emotion and the mental thought patterns they take. Here are the emotional spots and what causes them.

Hand and Foot Massage Balls x - Stress Reflexology Trigger Point Myofascial Release Ball. The Hand and Foot Massage Balls are designed to help relax tight and painful muscles in the feet and hands.Use to apply direct pressure to muscles in

16 Home Remedies To Relieve Back Pain

Suffering from a terrible backache? Did you know that pressing certain targeted nerves on your hands and feet can ease your pain?Massage Like Zen magnesium oil into points for quick relief.

20 Ways to reduce stress or anxiety. Before it bubbles over, take time every day or week to lower stress levels by practicing self-care. To find out more about depression and anxiety counseling

High Blood Pressure

L-Theanine For Anxiety Relief - Find out how this amino acid in green tea relieves anxiety! Drink Green Tea, to reduce Anxiety!

15 Easy Ways to Beat Anxiety Now

For those who are always on-edge, look no further: Get some tips to help get over the anxiety of everyday life.

Palms - Press On These Points On Your Palms To Combat Diseases

Palms - Press On These Points On Your Palms To Combat Diseases - Our body is absolutely amazing! Find out what happens to your body if you press on these points on your palms!