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I'm silently screaming ... I hate resting ...

Yes yes even I PLAY Mystic Messenger. But there is something like a "reset" theory,.

I may have finished Zen's route but when I finish Jumin's I will restart so that I can be with Zenny again ❤

No Zen! The game automatically resets itself I'd stay forever if I could) the thing is that i went for his route first now i feel really bad


anime boy, mystic messenger and otome game image on We Heart It


When was the last time I drew chibis? I can't even remember. So I was drawing something very dark/serious lately that I actually forgot how to draw something with positive feel lol. So I decided to.


I dont know why, but I think Saeyoung's young version looks a tiny bit like Harry Potter when he got red hair like Ron's =)))