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christina mrozik

This stunning poetic watercolor is by Check her out and remember: Supporting artists is positive activism! ❤️Optimism is Power!

Lauren Marx

Beautifully grotesque illustrations highlight death and rebirth in the animal kingdom

Silvia Patricia Balaguer

Illustrator & Artist: Katy Wiedemann “Anatomy of the Pantherophis Guttatus” Ink, Watercolor and Color Pencil on Paper x

This is a limited edition, offset printed, run of my piece, Peryton:. This is print is huge and hand signed and numbered. I have sold quite a few

Limited Edition Print: Peryton

Teagan White

“The High Keening Trees / Annihilate Yourself”, gouache & watercolor painting for Mondo’s “Originals” show. (Title borrowed from lines of a beautiful/obscure piece of prose by John.

Lauren Marx is an illustrator based in Saint Louis, Missouri. Since Lauren was a child she has been obsessed with animals: she spend a lot of time in the zoo and watching the National Geographic channel. In high school she expanded her interest with collecting bones, feathers and books and studying biology. The knowledge of …

Exploring cosmology through intricate drawings of animals by Lauren Marx

Lauren Marx's Atrophying Animal Universe: tumblr_n5xq4e5Hk81r3ao2co1_500.jpg

Lauren Marx's Atrophying Animal Universe

Lauren Marx’s Intricate Zoological, Cosmological Drawings - Artists Inspire Artists