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Jazz. New York In The Roaring Twenties

New York In The Roaring Twenties

Flapper Style Pearl Goldtone Double Tassel Lariat Necklace w/ Matching Earrings

Pearl Goldtone Chain Tassel Necklace/Earrings Set

Geschminkte Jugend, Deutschland 1928/1929, Spielfilm (" Rouged Youth", movie of 1928/29 Germany)

Geschminkte Jugend, Deutschland Spielfilm (" Rouged Youth", movie of Germany)

1920s 1 HOUR Dress -make Your own frock patterns DOWNTON Abbey Style - Enlarged Print - Vintage FLAPPER era e-booklet pdf

vintage, reproduction or new sewing patterns. For flappers, Great Gatsby, Downtown Abbey, and Boardwalk Empire dress costumes.

Mamie Smith (May 26, 1883 — September 16, 1946)

In Mamie Smith’s “Crazy Blues,” the first recording of an African-American blues singer, revolutionized pop music.

Richard Avedon called her “the most remarkable and unconventional beauty of her time”—today, we celebrate Dovima’s 6 best looks in Vogue.

Iconic Model Dovima’s 6 Best Looks in

Cats Musical, Aristocats, Musicals, Musical Theatre

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Party scene with woman dancing in fringe flapper dress. The Great Gatsby, 1949

mitLacher im Entspannungsmodus: Eigene Bahnen

mitLacher im Entspannungsmodus: Eigene Bahnen

Navy Blue Chiffon Dotted Tulle 20s Inspired Party Dress

Embroidered Navy Blue Tulle 20s Style Party Dress


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Roaring 20´s

CIGARETTE HOLDER /The term Flapper had already made appearances as early as The 'bob' haircut had been introduced in New York by the society dancer Irene Castle in she had acquired it on a European tour where she'd seen fashionable Parisians wearing it.

Clara Bow

The "it" girl.The and Prohibition gave rise to the flapper girl and the speak easy and Jazz. The Roaring twenties culminated in the stock market crash of Oct 29 1929 named Black Friday.