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M*A*S*H Forty years ago, on Sept. 17, 1972, a TV show about an army surgical hospital premiered. Although it had been based on a popular movie, many wondered if a dramedy about war would be successful. It was slow going in the first season, but "M*A*S*H" gained a devoted audience and became one of the most beloved and longest-running series in history.

M*A*S*H on Sept. a TV show about an army surgical hospital premiered. Based on a popular movie, it gained a devoted audience and became one of the most beloved and longest-running series in history.

#mash #M*A*S*H - Hawkeye Pierce and Radar O'Reilly

Hawkeye Pierce and Radar O'Reilly - one of the only people Hawkeye ever saluted!

Watched all of them , one of the best shows on television

The origins of MASH MASH film poster Mash (stylized as M*A*S*H on posters and media) is undoubtedly one of the classic American television

Happy 10th birthday, M*A*S*H! (1981) - Max Klinger -- an old article from Dynamite about the 10 year ann

Happy 10th birthday, M*A*S*H! (1981

' Morgan was already a veteran of iconic TV shows like ' Dragnet' and movies like ' High Noon,' when he joined the MASH cast. Oh Klinger you devil!

M*A*S*H (1972) I would like to point out that Allen Alda is not looking at the camera. Love him!

M*A*S*H -- Original TV cast of Loretta Swit, Larry Linville, McLean Stevenson, Gary Burghoff, Alan Alda and Wayne Rogers.

M*A*S*H  Alan Alda's character Benjamin Franklin "Hawk-Eye" Pierce. One of my favorite characters.

Alan Alda - M*A*S*H

'M*A*S*H' rates as Baby Boomer TV favorite - National baby boomer | Examiner.com

Mash, a classic, that I still watch on occasion.

M*A*S*H. Bottom row, left to right: Frank Burns, Hawkeye Pierce, Trapper (John) McIntyre, Radar O'riley, Max Klinger.  Top row, left to right: Magaret Houlihan, Henry Blake, and Father Mulcahy.

Wayne Rogers autographed color photograph M*A*S*H

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Play M.A.S.H

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TV Guide February 1973 - Gary Burghoff, McLean Stevenson, Alan Alda, Wayne Rogers, Loretta Swit and Larry Linville of M*A*S*H*.

"M*A*S*H" TV show (1982 photo)...my dad was in Korea during the rebuild time after the Korean War. He loved this tv show and so did we.

M*A*S*H: 1972 - 1983 One of the most beloved television series of all time. A phenomenal show that was very groundbreaking for its time. Many of the best shows of today owe a lot of credit to this program.

M*A*S*H first began in 1972.  It's last episode, the 251st,  was called "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen" and was 2.5 hours long.  The last episode aired on Feb 28, 1983.  From 1983 until 2010, this episode remained the most watched TV broadcast in American history.  It was passed in total viewership by Super Bowl XLIV (2010).

Created by Larry Gelbart. With Alan Alda, Wayne Rogers, Loretta Swit, Jamie Farr. The staff of an army hospital in the Korean war find that laughter is the best way to deal with their situation.

MASH - All the 'Second' gang

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Loretta Swit as -- Major Margaret Houlihan (Hot Lips Houlihan) M*A*S*H (TV…

Loretta Jane Swit is an American stage and television actress known for her character roles. Swit is best known for her portrayal of Major Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan on M*A*S*H, for which she won two Emmy Awards.